Gokart Auto Released

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One of our long term clients have released an update to their innovative golf trolley. Gokart have benefited from GBD’s on going industrial and product design support since the release of their first award-winning Gokart product in 2007. This has allowed them to react quickly to market trends using a team of designers who know there product inside-out.

Gokart’s newest offering includes a new control system designed to adjust to the users walking pace automatically. The handle has no buttons, rollers or knobs. Just apply pressure to the handle and Gokart will start to move and quickly adjust to match your pace.

Greaves Best Design made a number of prototypes and test rigs to prove the concept, and consulted with Gokart users throughout the development stages, before completing A and B-surface 3D data to send for tooling and manufacture.

For more information checkout Gokart’s website: www.gokart.co.uk