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Iconic Product Language Study and Design Application Management

Rentokil-Initial, one of the biggest Hygiene Service providers in the world, continue to have a hugely successful relationship with GBD. Our Elite Washroom designs have gone on to become some of the most recognisable products in commercial washrooms throughout the world.

Key Design Objectives

- Create a strong, consistent design language to be applied to a diverse and expanding product line.

- Incorporate a premium aesthetic to be used in conjunction with Initial’s flagship washroom solutions.

- Enclosures must be flexible enough to be used with a variety of different internals.

- Initial’s mechanical components provide good functional solutions, changes to current internal layouts should be avoided.

- An extremely tight timescale was set, with GBD providing guidance to Initial’s in-house team to allow the design to be successfully applied across the range.

Design Development

- Immersive research carried out to establish main competitors, the basis of their popularity with customers and opportunities to focus our brand message.

- Worked with Initial and their suppliers to choose a small group of donor products, which formed the basis of our development.

- Internal mechanical layouts were examined in our CAD programs. Volumes, moving parts and potential assembly methods were identified.

- A large range of concepts were sketched out. As these were filtered down, via discussions between Initial and GBD, models and renderings were produced.

Product Solution

- An easily repeatable design with strong simple elements which has gone on to become synonymous with the Initial brand.

- Low cost solution with no changes to internal mechanical components. Quick and easy to operate with simple maintenance procedures.

- GBD’s consultancy role in the later stages of development, ensured the product line met strict design guidelines and retained the consistent appearance vital to the brand recognition. All products were to have GBD’s approval before launch.

-Rentokil-Initial continue to work with Greaves Best Design on a number of high profile projects.