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Delivering The Brand New Yet Unmistakable

Our long-term relationships with some of the worlds leading brands has given us the experience to capture a brand’s essence and nurture new product areas which stay true to their roots. So when JCB and B&Q teamed up to develop a new tool range GBD were drafted in to define a look that was unmistakably JCB. The products developed using our design guidelines have gone on to become the UKs top selling hand tool range.

Key Design Objectives

- To understand the essence of the JCB brand, it’s history and what it stands for.

- Identify the visual cues with which people recognise a JCB product.

- Develop a set of key elements which can be used to define the new product language.

- Choose a small selection of donor products to test the application process and produce supporting visuals.

Design Development

- Greaves Best worked closely with chosen handtool manufacturer, Greatstar, to identify the manufacturing constraints and opportunities to add value.

- Thorough research of the JCB vehicle line was carried out. Including a familiarization with the design language and it’s evolution over JCB’s history.

- Clear JCB “trade-marks” were identified. Obvious trends in vehicle forms and material selection were studied. It became apparent that JCB meant much more than just yellow and black!

- Concept elevations of a small selection of hand tools were prepared, from which the merits of various design cues were discussed.

- The development of the concepts was constantly linked back to our original research. All design features had to bear relation to those features highlighted on the JCB vehicles, otherwise they were scrapped.

Product Solution

- Our final outcome became so well defined as an aesthetic, it could be generally communicated via a simple swatch which displayed an aggressive asymmetrical “tyre-tread” pattern.

- The “tyre-tread” was granted a worldwide design registration, and is now protected as part of the JCB brand.

- Photo-realistic visuals of the flag-ship tools were produced and presented to representatives from JCB, B&Q and Greatstar.

- A Design Guidelines document was developed to be used by B&Q’s suppliers as reference to apply the new product language.

- Fully finished prototypes were also manufactured to communicate the specific finishes required.