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Pure Plasma Used to Cut and Coagulate Tissue and Bone

Plasma Surgical was founded in 1999 with the objective of advancing  the surgical application of a patented neutral plasma technology. PlasmaJet, the first and only true plasma surgery system, uses a fine, electrically-neutral stream of pure plasma to cut and coagulate tissue and bone. PlasmaJet is ideal for specialties in which accurate tissue-cutting and bleeding management are vital

Plasma Surgical invited GBD to undertake the design and development and they have remained involved whilst the product has evolved

Key Design Objectives

- A user interface that provides simple and logical control within an operating theatre.

- An attractive product that is fully considered for surgical and hospital requirements.

-Suitable for low volume manufacture.

Design Development

- Effectively enclosing the operational components and reducing its size whilst creating an appealing aesthetic that meets all the requirements for use in hospital theatres.

- Easy to use interface design developed with surgeons.

-Unique probe and single connector for electrical, data, gas and water supply. Single patient use ensured as connector ejects at the end of procedure.

-A service module containing the gas supply and onto which the console is positioned.

Product Solution

- PlasmaJet, is the first true plasma surgery system. This important advancement and product is helping surgeons perform better surgery and maximize clinical benefits for their patients.