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Workstation Decontamination with Rapid, Invisible, Residue-Free Vapour

Bioquell are world leaders in providing hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) decontamination equipment and services. They invited GBD’s design assistance when developing a new range of aseptic workstations for sterility test and pharmacy compounding.

Key Design Objectives

- Space and cost-effective modular workstations with an attractive and distinctive appearance.

- Produced via novel plastics technology to enable excellent clean-ability.

-ISO Grade A chamber to meet the required regulatory standards for sample and operator protection.

-Designed with a ‘plug and play’ philosophy. Simple user friendly design, safe to operate with intuitive icon-driven menus on colour touch screen.

Design Development

- Ergonomically designed to maximize user comfort, the Bioquell QUBE has integrated foot switches, a foot rest and a height adjustable stool for optimum working conditions.

- Additional modules to allow a variety of configurations tailored for the workspace and the needs of specific processes.

Product Solution

- Bioquell have successfully launched the aseptic workstations range using their world leading bio-decontamination technology with rapid cycle times to 6-log microbial reduction, user friendliness and exceptional value.