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The Worlds First Hand-Held, Powered Hull Maintainance Tool

In many places in the world leisure yachts and boats need to lifted out of the water at least six times a year to have barnacles removed because they seriously affect performance and fuel consumption. Lifting boats out of the water and cleaning off is expensive with average costs of $500-600 per clean.

Key Design Objectives

- A power tool that will remove marine growth easily without damage to the hull.

- A tool that is simple and safe to operate in and out of the water.

- Marketed at a price point that is competitive for the marine equipment and chandlery sales.

Design Development

- Interchangeable sprung steel blade is ideal for use on a number of substrates above and below the waterline.

- An oscillating head that delivers patented wave power punch via precisely machined components removing barnacles and marine fouling effortlessly and in a fraction of the time.

- Waveblade is designed to be safe to use submerged up to 4 metres.

- The ergonomic body has been designed to be comfortable and safe to us with the latest soft grip overmould techniques, adding to the comfort and providing extra grip.

Product Solution

- The world’s first marine hand held power barnacle remover that effortlessly clears barnacles.

- With interchangeable blades the power tool can also remove rust easily and efficiently.

- Lightweight, and low maintenance, will save time, money, effort, and will not damage your boat.