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In a world of information overload, good, focused product design is more important than ever. When the very future hinges on your ability to communicate with customers, design has a vital role to play.

This is where GBD a multi award winning design consultancy, has helped many companies. We specialise in creative product design and innovative engineering, from concept to production.

The partners and staff are Chartered Designers or Engineers with more than 30 years experience creating and advising companies with the design and development of attractive, functional and ultimately profitable products and services.

Working as multi-disciplined teams GBD provide expertise for rapid product design and development by successfully integrating creative concepts and innovative engineering with 3D computer aided design. GBD further provide rapid prototyping and tooling technologies for prototype and pre-production requirements.

Our client base includes small entrepreneurial companies through to major blue chip multi-nationals operating within the global marketplace.

Successful product development programmes occur through teamwork with good communication between client and consultant. We provide staged proposals with timescales and quoted costs for identified deliverables.

We regard ourselves as additional members of your team – here to help you achieve your aims efficiently and with the minimum fuss. A team made up from the strongest elements of both organisations, complementing each other for optimum results.