Dialog Devices

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30 Second Test for Peripheral Arterial Disease for use in Primary Care

Dialog Devices find applications for the ground breaking opto-electronics research carried out at Loughbrough University. Their vision is to improve the speed and availablity of non-invasive assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease, to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Key Design Objectives

- Commercialise the algorithms and early proof-of principle prototypes Dialog had developed

- Eliminate the need for tests to be carried out by skilled Doppler Ultrasound operators, involving patients having  to make expensive and time consuming hospital visits.

-Padd was to be a cost effective solution for the medical industry, whilst providing a reliable revenue stream for Dialog through a consumable element.

Design Development

- Formed a partnership with Sabre Technology, who provide electrical engineering support. Sabre built upon the circuitry developed by Dialog and sourced relevant hardware within budget.

- Brought together an advisory network including Peripheral Arterial experts and primary care staff for feedback throughout the project. After proposing various form factors and interfaces, a hand-held touch-screen device was decided upon.

-Touch-screen interface gave us the opportunity to quickly develop software prototypes to test with our advisory network. References were taken from user’s relationships with the mobile electronics devices they interact with everyday, and are comfortable with.

Product Solution

- Small and curvaceous form which is easy to clean, and communicates the soft and approachable characteristics we believe are important in distinguishing the product.

- Single use sensors are applied to the patient’s feet which use low power near-infrared light to assess blood volume changes , before and after raising the leg.

-Multiple light wavelengths are used to monitor two sites simultaneously to perform blood volume and skin pallor assessment.

-Dialog Devices are currently carrying out clinical trials with a view to releasing Padd in the coming months.