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Life Jacket Inflators So Reliable More People Trust UML Then Any Other Brand

For well over a decade GBD has been assisting UML, one of the World’s largest manufactures of lifejacket inflation devices with the design and development of new cutting edge products. During this period the UML range of Inflation products have become the inflator of choice for the majority of lifejacket manufacturers in Europe, Scandinavia and the Far East.

Key Design Objectives

- Implement a concept of automatic activation upon contact with water.

- Life Jacket Inflators are often vital for survival in emergency conditions, they must operate to the highest standards of reliability.

- Parts should be modular where possible to facilitate manual and automatic versions of the product.

- Designs must be harmonious with a range of existing lifejacket brands.

Design Development

- Development has taken place continually over the last ten years to optimize the UML inflators.

- The process has been based on UML’s rigorous test procedures, using many hundreds of prototypes and preliminary mouldings.

- GBD have provided continual support; releasing new features and design modifications even after product launch.

- UML can receive  special requests from customers. The reaction of the GBD team ensures any design modifications required to meet orders can be done at increadibly short notice.

Product Solution

- A simple but reliable paper-actuation method is used with the automatic products.

- Clear indication systems are included to communicate their armed or un-armed status.

- Rearming can be done cost effectively by qualified chandlers, or with recharge kits.

- Whistle and light solutions can also be included.

- UML Inflators are found in the products of  some of the most well respected lifejacket manufacturers in the world.