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Revolutionary Fold-up Electric Golf Trolley With a Tiny Price Tag

GBD were commissioned to design a powered golf trolley for a new business to successfully enter the very competitive UK golf market. The trolley would have to under-cut the competition whilst still providing the strength and stability required on rough terrain and with heavy use.

Key Design Objectives

- Gokart had to be a visually striking product that could be distinguished within the market.

- It was important that the folding procedure was easy and intuitive, with the minimum possible number of operations.

- Despite being a powered trolley, Gokart still had to be  lightweight to allow for easy handling when folded.

- Gokart would take a huge amount of punishment on rough terrain and in a range of weather conditions, durability was a must.

- A tiny footprint was required to fit in the smallest of boot spaces.

- Production in UK with a competitive entry price point.

Design Development

- Significant concept development stage was carried out to establish a product language that would appeal to a wide age and gender range.

- GBDs experience in plastics design allowed for 90% of the product to be manufactured from injection moulded thermoplastic, lowering weight and price, whilst maintaining durability though a range of polymer reinforcement technologies.

- Two prototypes were extensively tested and refined during the development

- An easy to use one piece folding mechanism was developed using the removable battery is the ‘keystone’ to create a rigid structure. Removing the battery in a single operation collapses the structure creating the most compact package in the market

-Patented drive system and computerised motor management

Product Solution

- GBD managed the procurement for the Bill of Materials and tooling from Far East

- Gokart accomplished significant market penetration for the brand and product in UK and Europe

- Very well reviewed by customers and the golf media

- GoKart’s design has received wide recognition from industry bodies and been awarded national and international design awards

- View the feedback or purchase a trolley on the Gokart website HERE